Our mills were designed with simplicity in mind! Easy to use and repair.

  • Every component of our mill heads is constructed out of stainless steel for optimum corrosion resistance.
  • Stone clearance is adjusted easily and accurately by hand with a simple handle mechanism. No expensive actuators. No shims.
  • Parts are easily cleaned and cheap to replace
  • CIP possible
  • Our design utilizes only one long-life O-ring, which means there is no need to constantly replace seals.
  • Our mills do not require any form of gear box or transmission, which simplifies operation and motor repair.

Contact us here if you require more information or would like to purchase a mill.

Each Jayhawk Mill comes with the following:

  • Jayhawk stone grinding mill head
  • Electric motor
  • One set of stones (See details of our grinding stones here)
  • Two options for the intake connection
    • 2.00″ ACME thread
    • 2.00″ Tri-clamp fitting
  • Two options for the output connection
    • Spout (for hopper collection)
    • Tri-clamp connection (for closed system collection)

If you need your mill to come complete with all of the hardware needed to start production, including pumps, hosing, electrical control and more. Check out our Complete Units!


  • Food Processing
    • Mustard
    • Hot sauces
    • Relish
  • Other Applications
    • Limited applications to petroleum
    • Fertilizer production
  • If you have questions regarding other applications for a Jayhawk mill, contact us!

WARNING! Our mills CANNOT be used for the processing of meat or dairy products.


  • 3MPYC
    • Lab set ups
    • Limited run and small batch production
  • 4MPYC
    • Our historical best seller!
    • Main production line use
    • Best for motor and mill life
    • Best in a complete unit for maximum production capability
  • 5MPYC
    • Main production line use
    • Maximum single mill output


ModelMotor (hp)Grind Surface
Dia. (in)
Output (gal/hr)**Output(L/hr)**Op. Pressure (psi)
3MPYB157.570 - 80267 - 30540 - 45
4MPYC2510125 - 160467 - 61040 - 45
5MPYC4012160 - 210610 - 81140 - 45

** Output values based on average output for mustard production. The output of your mill will vary based on the application and the fineness of the grind required.


4M/5M Mill
3M Mill